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The recent years of medical advancement is no exception to hearing aids. Analog hearing aids are now a thing of the past with new digital technologies. The digital hearing aids have now even been surpased. The newest excitement in the industry is Bluetooth hearing aids.

Improve your hearing....Improve your life!
Written by Keith Lindow   
Monday, 12 July 2010 06:41

The ability to hear and understand is an essential part to our everyday activities and overall quality of life. Unfortunately, many individuals take their hearing for granted until they can no longer communicate with their friends and family.

Regardless of age, we all depend upon our hearing and the ability to communicate every day. Whether you are at home with your family watching and listening to your favorite television programs, talking on the telephone, listening to music, having conversations in a busy restaurant, or simply hearing the sounds of a coffee maker or microwave oven. 

Hearing and understanding is very important when visiting your doctors or other health care professionals. No matter how mild or significant your hearing loss, it interferes with your ability to communicate efficiently and fully appreciate sounds and experiences.

Hearing loss is more common than you think.  In North America, 10% of the population, 30 million people suffer, or have some type of hearing loss and could benefit from a hearing instrument. Because we communicate by speaking and listening to one another, someone whose hearing loss is left untreated will experience problems in their day-to-day life. There are many different causes of hearing loss which can affect all ages.  Some common causes are hereditary, trauma, disease, noise exposure and the aging process.  There are many children with significant hearing impairment, and teens and young adults who struggle with this issue to a small or greater degree. Appropriate diagnosis by an audiologist can frequently help people to improve the quality of life for who are hard of hearing. When hearing impairments aren't diagnosed, especially when they are mild-to-moderate, they often have significant impact on people’s lives and may affect school performance, social interaction and self-esteem. Hearing problems may also be misdiagnosed as a mental illness, ADHD, other learning disorders, or a speech/language impairment.

Unfortunately, most people put off doing something to help them hear better not knowing where to seek help, which in return is  detrimental to themselves, friends and family. Individuals with hearing loss wait on average of more than 7 years to begin the process of improved hearing. Once you learn more about hearing and take positive action to do something about your hearing loss, you will realize what you may have been missing.

You may acquire more information by visiting other areas of our website to find more about hearing loss and the different types of hearing loss, tinnitus, and much more.  If you do not find the answers you are seeking, you may contact our office for further information.

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